Street photography is one of my true passions. The combination of venturing into the unknown to stop that itch that urges me to explore, in combination with the constant search of places and faces that are visually interesting, is something that I never get tired of.

But this is also one of the most challenging situations a photographer can be in – we seldom have any control over either light or our subjects, and on top of that there’s also the challenge of how open we should be to our unassuming subjects of our intention. On the flipside, of course, is the immense sense of reward when one is being able to  – despite those challenges – capture images that are both interesting from a documentary point of view while at the same time have artistic qualities.

One of the best things about street photography is that despite all the challenges, people on the streets are also one of the most accessible subjects available for us photographers. Every city has streets, and every street is a scene with potential for visually interesting events, providing endless opportunities for us photographers. For the last 15 years, I’ve rarely been outside without a camera within arms-length, and I’ve captured photos everywhere – From the bustling streets of Tokyo to bazaars in rural Morocco.

I invite you to join one of my photographic workshops, where we spend one afternoon and evening in a small group, discussing, dissecting and of course also producing great images together. This will also be a good opportunity for you to improve the photos you currently take, and to develop as a photographer no matter if you are someone who just got your first camera, or if you're someone who has been shooting on the streets for years.


EXAMPLE Schedule

We meet up in the late afternoon for a short introduction and over coffee, about the basics of street photography as well as the many different ways of approaching it. This will also touch on topics such as composition, quality of light, common pitfalls and the question of color vs black and white.
We head out to the streets together for a hands-on experience. The group is small (5 people max), so every participant will get help and support tailored to their skill level. I will guide you and your vision and help you find interesting compositions, as well as explaining what camera settings to use and why, to capture the image you're envisioning. 
As the sun starts to set, we will head to a different area of town, handpicked for its features when it comes to night-time street photography. You will learn how to capture the bustling nightlife on both wide neon-lit boulevards as well as narrow bar line entertainment districts. Photography at night poses a different set of challenges and I will teach you how to make the best use of the artificial lights in the city in order to capture beautiful images despite these difficult conditions.
The workshop concludes, but the group will hopefully remain in touch through a private Facebook group where participants are welcome to share their photos and give and get feedback.
(All times are approximate and may change slightly depending on the season)


The details

Private workshop:
This workshop is offered as a private workshop for individuals or groups up to a maximum of five people. If you book it privately it can be tailored entirely according to your specific needs or requests. Price 35 000 JPY for 3 hours and 5000 yen for each additional hour after (price per group, regardless of number of participants).

Workshop length: 
3 hours

Central Tokyo (exact location will be confirmed after booking)

What camera & lens do you need:
Any DSLR or mirrorless camera that allows manual camera settings.
A zoom or prime lens that at least covers a part of the 28-50mm focal width length (full frame equivalent) will be adequate for this workshop. Basically that includes every lens sold together with a camera as a kit. 

Skill level:
Anyone from complete beginners to experienced photographers are welcome. The group is small and everyone will be able to get help and assistance tailored to their skill level. I do however, recommend that you familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of photography, ie: shutter speed, aperture, ISO and how these are related before the workshop.

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