Hi! I'm Said, a Swedish photographer and writer.

I'm passionate about travel, street and documentary photography, but few subjects are unfamiliar to me. My work has been displayed via a wide range of clients, including countless newspapers and magazines as well as lifestyle brands and luxury hotels.

Although the entire world is my working field, I have spent a big part of the last decade in Tokyo. The hours I've put into my work as a travel writer and photographer makes me equally comfortable navigating the back-alleys of Tokyo as well as destinations off the beaten track in rural Japan. This knowledge tends to be particularly useful when I'm hired as researcher and fixer for various media productions.  All the time I've spent in Japan has also given me a good understanding of the Japanese culture as well as the language skills needed to work there.

I'm not completely a stranger to being on the other side of the lens either. My face has appeared on television shows in both Japan and Sweden several times as well. 

If you want to discuss an idea or a project, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm on Twitter and Instagram too.