Photo of the day - Enoshima - A Guilty Pleasure


As someone who prides himself for being something of an expert on domestic travel here in Japan, being very fond of Enoshima feels like something of a guilty pleasure. While I can think of a dozen of places equally far from Tokyo that makes for a great day-trip on those occasions when I need an escape from Tokyo, Enoshima has turned into a place I keep coming back to.

Part of it has to do with the location I guess, getting there is fairly easy from the south side of Tokyo, where I currently live. But I also find the size and the variety very appropriate. During the short walk around the island, I can get a good dose of both cosy shopping street, make a stop at a local café, photograph lazy cats at a shrine or two AND also feel the salty breeze while strolling on a rocky coastline.

During my last visit, I also took some time exploring the surrounding areas, more specifically Inamuragasaki a few stops away on the Enoden. From there, one can get treated to this spectacular view during sunset. Enoshima is on the left in the frame.

Nikon D810, AF-S 85mm G f/1.8