Tokyo for street photographers #3 - Ginza


Ginza is in many ways the complete opposite to Koenji, the subject of the previous post in this series. In Ginza the streets are wide and lined with shops from every luxury brand imaginable. Yet, Ginza too is one of my favorite areas for street photography, particularly at night when the streets are devoid of busloads with tourists.

It is however always a great area for catching interesting people while they’re out and about. Particularly at weekends, when many people dress up in order to go shopping around here. At night, you might also be lucky and catch some of the high-end hostess ladies, often dressed up in Kimonos, heading to work.

By Tokyo standards, Ginza offers a lot of straight roads that stretches as far as your eyes can see, which makes for interesting shots, particularly with longer lenses. I highly recommend that you venture off Chuo-dori, the main street, and check out the narrower streets that run in parallel.

Personally, I’m also very fond of shooting in the area around nearby Yurakucho Station, where the luxury is somewhat toned down, and where there are plenty of old and worn down restaurants located near the railroad tracks.