Tokyo for photographers

A week-long tour of the Japanese capital, from a travel photographers point of view.


One week photography workshop in tokyo

Do you want to experience Tokyo during the cherry blossom season, together with a small group of like-minded people who are all sharing a passion for photography? Then I welcome you to join this workshop, where we will spend an entire week exploring some of the most visually interesting places in Tokyo and the surrounding areas.

Think of this workshop a mix between a tour of Tokyo heavily biased towards photography, as well as an image-making boot camp. Our passion for photography will be the red thread that dictates our itinerary. This means that we will plan the schedule according to what will give us the best opportunities to create interesting images. During one week you will get a great opportunity get to know Tokyo better, as well as grow as a photographer and hopefully also add a few new skills to your belt.



The places in which we will be shooting during this workshop consists of a good mix of the most well-known districts of the city – a workshop in travel photography wouldn’t be complete unless it’s participants bring home shots of famous sights such as the neon-soaked streets of Shinjuku, and the temples in Asakusa, after all. But I will also introduce you to a few of my own personal favorite districts in Tokyo, where the pace is slower, and where the hordes of selfie-stick wielding tourists have yet to find their way.

Travel photography is a broad subject. Visually it encompasses elements from documentary-, landscape- as well as street photography. During the classroom sessions (approx. 2 hours every day) we will analyse and deconstruct those diverse genres and discuss what makes an image stand out and make an impression. The aim of this workshop is that you will leave with a set of varied photos that can either be displayed purely on their own aesthetic merits, or to be used to illustrate a feature story on the Japanese capital, for example in a newspaper or a travel magazine.



You will be exploring Tokyo with me, a photographer and a long term Tokyoite who has been working and publishing travel stories for the better part of a decade. I will be sharing some of my personal tips and techniques as to what makes a compelling travel story, and how one can approach the subject of travel from a visual standpoint. 

During the week, we will also make a few excursions to scenic places outside Tokyo. These will be made in the form of day trips, where we leave early in the morning and return to the city center in the evening. The first of these excursions will take us to Nikko, a scenic temple town located at the entrance of a gorgeous national park, located about two hours by train north of Tokyo.

Our other day-trip will take us to Kamakura. Once the capital of Japan, this coastal city is now filled with temples, cozy shopping streets and one of the most beautiful Bamboo-groves in the Tokyo area.  You will also get a chance to ride (and photograph) Enoden, one of the oldest and most charming train lines in Japan, inaugurated way back in the year of 1900! We will have dinner at a local seaside restaurant before we head back to Tokyo. Travel time between Shinjuku in central Tokyo and Kamakura is approximately 90 minutes.

cherry blossom tokyo.jpg


The official schedule every day starts at 8 am and concludes after dinner. This gives you enough time to go out and capture Tokyo at sunrise too, if you wish to do so.  You are expected to download and edit a few (3-5) photos every evening, and upload these to a shared online folder before you go to bed, as these will be needed if you want me and the rest of the group to critique during the feedback session that’s scheduled in conjunction with a classroom session every morning.

Skill level: Anyone from beginners to experienced photographers are welcome! Since the group is small, there will be enough time for me to give individual support and feedback tailored to your needs. However, please note however that every participant is expected to have a grasp of the fundamentals of photography. If you’re not sure what ISO, Shutter-speed and aperture means, and how these affect the resulting image, please let me know in advance and I’ll provide you links to some useful resources where you can brush up your knowledge.

Dates: March 29 to April 4, 2018 (Thursday to Wednesday, 7 full days)

Max number of participants: 8. A small group means that we will be able to fit at even the smallest local restaurants and izakaya.

Ordinary tutition fee 1200 EUR
Early-bird discount: 900 EUR (Valid for bookings made before March 1, 2018!).
Please note accommodation, transport, food and drinks is not included in the workshop fee.

I'm currently in the process of setting up a detailed itinerary. It will be posted here shortly, so make sure to check back if you want more information. Or don't hesitate to contact me directly.