Customized trips and travel guide services


Do you want a travel experience entirely designed for you?

Besides having experience of living in Japan for almost a decade, my experience as a travel writer and photographer also means that I have a solid ground regarding travelling to most parts of this island nation. Including tons of places off the beaten track that you won’t find in the big guide books. In fact, my Japanese friends often tell me that I know more about their country than they do.

No matter if you’re looking for sake breweries in rural Japan that are open to factory tours or in need of a Zen-retreat at a picturesque mountain temple. Or perhaps you just want to know how to get the most out of your first time visit to Japan, while avoiding the biggest tourist traps. I have the knowledge that will make your visit to Japan an unforgettable experience, and will be more than happy to help with everything from a custom made itinerary to suggesting places to stay based on your interests and your budget. I also have connections that can help you get access to places that are out of reach to most other visitors to Japan.

Travel guide, photographer and interpreter at the same time!
If you hire me to accompany you during your stay, you will get access to several valuable services that will make sure that you will get the most out of your visit here. My previous clients range from international designers from IKEA on a study tour to documentary filmmakers and Swedish YouTube-celebrities as well as newly wed couples who visited Japan for the first time.

My prices vary depending on your specific needs. Send me an E-mail briefly outlining your request, and I'll get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Please note that my Japanese language skills are on a conversational level. While they have proven good enough for me to make several appearances on national TV over here, they are still far from perfect. If you are looking for a professional level interpreter I’ll be happy to introduce a suitable candidate for you.