Why Faroe Islands?

Those of you who know us, most likely also know that we have a weak spot for dramatic, rugged landscapes. Last year we went to both Iceland and to Tromsö in northern Norway, and we really loved both of those places. While considering destinations for our honeymoon, we felt that The Faroe Islands would be the next logical step (other shortlisted destinations were Svalbard and Greenland). Gorgeous landscapes, fascinating local culture and the same combination of being both Nordic and familiar yet incredibly different and exotic at the same time. We also appreciate the fact that it’s not yet entirely overrun by tourists, although we guess will change soon, thanks to the power of social media.

Although The Faroe Islands belongs to Denmark, it’s quite tricky to get there (especially from Japan). Flight connections are limited, and tickets often expensive. Just to get there and back, we will likely have to cough up around 25000 SEK, and then there’s accommodation, the need for a rental car, etc...

So we thought that rather than asking you to buy us physical gifts for our wedding, we will instead ask for contributions that can help us make our dream of visiting those rocks in the Atlantic Ocean a reality. If everything goes according to our plans, we hope to go in late August or early September.


We hope to be able to use the photos we take during the trip for some sort of travel guide, either printed or online, and also for a photo exhibition in Tokyo. We will also be posting photos from the trip daily while we are away so that you can keep up with our adventures in real time.

To show our gratitude to those of you who chose to support our journey, we are more than happy to offer you a free print of any of the photos in return. You will be given a link to an online gallery once we have selected and edited the pictures from where you can pick the photo you want, and we will make sure to have it shipped to you, no matter where in the world you might be located!

We hope that you want to be a part of our adventure!
Said and Eriko